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Local Snitching in Philadelphia

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Here are some articles that relate to snitching in Philadelphia: 


  • "Snitch and die" mentality is no new trend to Philadelphia. As efforts to deter snitching has been apart of Philadelphia's criminal history for decades. 

Snitch and Die: A Philadelphia Crime Tradition


  • Robert Saleem Holbrok offers up his perspective from the other side of the issue, while severing life in prison without parole since the age of 16.

To Snitch or Not To Snitch: The View From The Other Side


Access more of Saleem's writings at:  FreeSalim.net


  • Chester community come together to end the motion of "stop snitching" to find Philadelphia suspect in a robbery and rape case

Stand up, stop 'no snitching' and save a life


  • Ashby Jones discusses snitching in Philadelphia and witness intimidation

On Snitches and Stitches in Philly


  • Mike Newall writes about Maurice "Kidney" Raglands decision to testify against the drug lord who shot him, and the "No Snitchin" culture of Philadelphia     

A Snitch in Time


  • Noel Weyrich discusses how the justice system fails certain individuals, and how snitching plays a role

Don't Start Snitching


  • Two teens killed, Seven others wounded in Chester's Birthday Party shooting. Officers fear the "Don't Snitch" mentality has too strong a hold on community.

3 suspects in custody after Chester shooting




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