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Stop Snitching Project Bibliography

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L. Rich, Michael.  Lessons of Disloyalty in the World of Criminal Informants.  Selected Works:  January, 2010.

                In this article, Michael L. Rich discusses the philosophy of loyalty and disloyalty in modern society, especially given descriptions of “snitches”.  He emphasizes on criminal and accomplice informants in high crime neighborhoods that portray why “snitches” may or may not help police.  Also to point out, he states facts of “Stop Snitching” movement that discourages member of those communities from availing themselves with that option.  Other ideas from this text state informing the rest of society that “snitches” are main stream and when is an informant a “snitch” in society.  To close out the idea, Michael states that the “Stop Snitching” movement can answer questions of criminal and accomplice informants when dealing with “snitching”.

Available at: http://works.bepress.com/michael_rich/1

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