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Other Snitching Articles

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Here are some snitching related articles that we found interesting to read: 


  • Snitches get stitches: Youth, gangs, and witness intimidation in Massachusetts

Snitches Get Stitches


  • Tax informants paid up to 15% of recovered funds. Questions arise over ethics, greed, and revenge. 

IRS 'Rewards-for-Snitches' Program Comes Under Fire - Los Angeles Times.pdf  


  • The Difficulty that the Prosecutors and Police have had with the Stop Snitchin' Campaign.    

Anti-snitch campaign riles police, prosecutors


  • Shooting of a 5-year old girl in South London. Public is urged not to snitch.

Public urged not to 'snitch' over child's shooting


  • Florida teens responsible for Facebook death threat

                    Florida teens charged with Facebook death threat 


  • "No snitching" code is preventing the cops to solve the case of a missing 14-year old girl.

'No-snitching' code may be hindering missing teen case 


  • Bucks County Workers are scared that they will face retribution for snitching

                    Worries of unease among employees who testified in Bucks register of wills probe


  •     Charges against four suspects are dropped after witness fails to show

                    Charges in dance party shooting dropped after witness is no-show 

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